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Welcome to this, the latest incarnation of The Internet Marketing Bloke’s blog. Due to ongoing problems with our previous web hosting service, we have decided to start afresh, with a new web hosting service and a new website.

My name is Terry Chadban, and I started marketing online way back in 1985, using a Commodore 128  (the business version of the famous C=64, and a then bleeding-edge 1200 baud modem (about 100 times slower than modern broadband modems, but best in breed at the time). In those days we advertised on Bulletin Board Services (BBS’s) which were like a huge online forum, and you could post a “For Sale’ ad on a local BBS on Monday, and get replies from Europe, the US and UK in a few days. Of course nowadays everything is instantaneous, so you can advertise on your website, and get orders from anywhere in the world in minutes.

Over the next few weeks and months I will be posting articles on everything to do with Internet Marketing, with the absolute beginner in mind, but also including articles to help the more advanced marketer as well, so check back on a regular basis, and you can pick my brain for nothing!  :-)

We will also be building up our free resource list, so check that out regularly.

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