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Here we are, in another year, and we have had to change web hosting services again! Why is it so hard to get affordable, reliable web hosting? I won’t go into the hassles we had with the last service, but suffice to say that they have been added to the “Not to be recommended” blacklist.



We got so frustrated with stuffing around with hosting services that we fell back on the old adage “If you want a job done well, do it yourself!”, and we have now set up our own website hosting service.

The servers (the computers and hard drives that hold the website files) are located right here in the Sydney CBD, so there is none of the time-lag with website loading that you get with hosting services based overseas, and the servers are also cloud-based, meaning that every website is backed up on not only the local server in Sydney, but also on servers in Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth and even in the Middle East.


That gives us an added benefit, because someone visiting our website from the Brisbane area will receive the website files from the Brisbane server, while someone from Singapore will receive the files from our Singapore server, and so on, so web pages will load much faster for everyone. If you too are looking for good, reliable, affordable website hosting, why not take a look at Port Macquarie Online Marketing’s Website Hosting and maybe they can help you out too.



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